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featherboard fencing cost per metre

Feather Edge Fencing Calculator. Estimate Materials Fast

Feather Edge Fencing Calculator; Feather Edge Fencing Calculator To help you estimate how many feather edge slats and all other needed materials you require for your feather edge fencing, please use our calculator. This calculation is based on one 3 metre bay using all components.

Cost of Colorbond Fencing Per Square Metre - Service Seeking

How Much Does A Colorbond Fence Cost per Metre in Australian States? On average, Colorbond fencing installation costs $75/m. Depending on the complexity and size of the job, the price of this service can increase or decrease. The cost of Colorbond fencing largely depends on the size of the job. For instance,

Fence Calculator and Builder Fence Planner Jacksons Fencing

The Jacksons fence calculator tool will help you get all the pieces and specifications together to create your garden fencing plan - give it a try today. slotted fence posts known as Jakposts are designed to work with all of our fencing panels from Jaktop and palisade to featherboard, and even our premier trellis panels. Read about our

Close board fencing price - Forum - Landscape Juice Network

Close board fencing price Posted by Gareth Morris on November 3, 2014 at 7:56pm in Landscaping We currently charge £80 per meter for close board fencing, we use 4" posts spaced at 1.8m centres, blocks of 4x2 on the posts to take the 6" gravel boards which are 3.6 meters, fixed with two 120mm screws every 1.8m a inch off the ground.

6 feet high x 20m fence price please- panels or closeboard

6 feet high x 20m fence price please- panels or closeboard?? I am wanting prices for panels fence and closeboard fence. Want the fence to be solid and private so suggestions/prices for both types of fences would be grateful. We could charge per bay for post and rail fencing Which is probably the better option over any other fencing as

Whats the average price of 6ft panel fencing and feather

Whats the average price of 6ft panel fencing and feather edge in 2014? I charge £90 a panel or £60 per linear meter for feather edge as a basic starting point. I use 3x3 posts with post mix in a 2 ft hole and metal brackets to secure the panels or 4x4 posts with 2.4m bays on the feather edge with capping and gravel boards again with 2 ft

A Comprehensive Guide To Closeboard Fencing - AVS Fencing

Closeboard fencing remains the most cost-effective way to build a solid boundary that will stand the test of time. Closeboard fencing can also be incorrectly described as shiplap or feather board fencing, but essentially these descriptions refer to the same type of construction.

Price of a garden fence? AVForums

Attached Files: Sounds OK to me. A typical price is about £40-£50 per metre supplied and installed, so £800 for 23 metres and all the other work is quite good, IMO. 6 foot square panels are at least £15-£20 each; posts about £8, so there's over half your costs in basic materials alone.

Traditional Closeboard or Featherboard Fencing Jacksons

Read about our delivery prices and process. Did you know, we have our own transport fleet and manage all our deliveries from our HQ in Kent Traditional Fencing Featherboard COVERED BY JACKSONS 25 YEAR GUARANTEE For the 1.2m fence allow 2 rails and for the 1.5m and 1.8m fences allow 3 rails per section; You will also need 1 gravel board

Feather Edge Boards Arris and Cant Rails Travis Perkins

Browse our trade standard feather edge fencing materials. Click and Collect in 1 hour or enjoy free UK delivery on orders over ? excluding VAT. Log in for your account prices. From £3.60. Length: Qty: Feather Edge Board Treated Green 22mm x 150mm 35 1.0. Log in for your account prices £2.75 per metre. Qty: Cant Rail Treated

How much should a new fence cost? - Mumsnet

A friend was recently researching this and found that the high average rate was about £50-£60 per metre for 6 foot high fencing with gravel boards and concrete posts - materials and labour all in - if you have to remove old stuff - would be extra.

A Comprehensive Guide To Closeboard Fencing - AVS Fencing

If this is 100mm wide we would expect that a completed 3m bay of fence would use 36 or 37 featheredge. It would be normal to allow for some wastage, so when calculating the quantity to order allow approximately 13 per metre run of fence. Feather edge which is 125mm wide, often used with cant rails

2018 How much does colorbond fencing cost? Cost guide

A fence like this with two gates might cost $80 per metre to install depending on the size of the fence , including the gates. On a sloping surface, the cost can be as high as $110 per metre, including gates.

Close Board - Berkshire Fencing

Close board fencing or Feather board Fencing as it is sometimes known is without a doubt our most popular style of fencing. The main characteristic of closeboard fencing is the distinctive arris rail and morticed post construction technique. An attractive and durable fence with sizes from 1ft high up to 8ft high x 6ft up to 10ft wide. Check out our matching Close Board Gates available in pressure treated green/brown finishes in a range of different heights and widths.

Closeboard or Featheredge Fencing Estimator. - Fences Ltd

Closeboard or Featheredge Fencing Estimator. Comes in a variety of heights and finishes with flat top , round top, pointed or the usual back weatherd posts. The calculator below will give you a guide to the cost of erection of a fence in most variations. If you need any further help just call for an estimate and visit.

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