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Retaining Walls

Yanke Construction, Inc. constructed one of the first ever reinforced soil foundations in Michigan. We are looking forward to bringing efficient construction and retaining walls to Michigan bridges and properties.

Tobermore's guide to constructing a reinforced retaining wall.

This short animation will illustrate how to construct a reinforced retaining walling system.

Mechanically Stabilized Earth MSE Retaining Walls

A Mechanically Stabilized Earth MSE retaining wall is a composite structure consisting of alternating layers of compacted backfill and soil reinforcement. Contact the Reinforced Earth Company today for more information about our MSE retaining walls.

Reinforced Retaining Wall Construction

Reinforced Retaining Wall Construction Working with Geogrid. Install geogrid in the machine or roll direction. compacted retaining wall will rotate forward when extreme surcharges from heavy equipment are applied to the top of the retaining wall during construction and final grading.

Construction of Concrete Block Retaining Walls with Steps

Construction of concrete block retaining walls, with step by step process, materials, advantages, applications and its construction inspection are discussed. Retaining wall structure is commonly constructed to retain earth mass or back fill materials. It is constructed in various engineering projects to serve different purposes.

Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls-Design and Construction

Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls-Design and Construction Prof. G L Sivakumar Babu Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Science Bangalore Lecture 31. Wall Construction. Locking Bar. General view on Wall During Construction. Placing Facing Blocks. Wall Ties Fixing False Facing.

How to Build a Reinforced Retaining Wall Using Geogrid

Using geogrid is the easiest way to add support to a retaining wall. There are a variety of geogrid options to use depending on the type or height of wall you are building.

Reinforced Retaining Wall Retaining Wall Stabilisation

Reinforced Retaining Walls Neoloy Geocell is ideal for gravity walls and reinforced walls in the United Kingdom Neoloy Geocells provide a strong, fast to construct, green retaining wall structure for steep and tall unstable slopes with a small footprint in the United Kingdom.

Retaining Wall Construction and Slope Reinforcement

The economical, flexible and attractive way to building earth retaining walls and structures. As a simple, modular system using carefully integrated components, Tensar reinforced soil structures offer up to 75% in cost savings.

Retaining Wall

Gravity Retaining Walls. Gravity retaining walls are much thicker in section. Geometry of these walls also help them to maintain the stability. Mass concrete walls are suitable for retained heights of up to 3 m. The cross section shape of the wall is affected by stability, the use of space in front of the wall, the required wall appearance and the method of construction.

Reinforced Retaining Wall Engineering

The wall rock in the Allan Block cores provide a positive connection between the layers of geogrid and the Allan Block retaining wall, locking the two systems together. The reinforced soil mass becomes the structure and the Allan Block retaining wall becomes the facing.

Reinforced Earth Products The Reinforced Earth Company

Beginning with Reinforced Earth mechanically stabilized earth MSE , an array of retaining wall types are available, as well as arches, sound walls, traffic barrier, and coping. RECos engineers custom design and supply these structures to fit project requirements and any unforeseen obstacle.

Four Types of Concrete Retaining Walls

Cantilever Retaining Walls. Cantilever retaining walls are constructed of reinforced concrete. They consist of a relatively thin stem and a base slab.The base is also divided into two parts, the heel and toe.The heel is the part of the base under the backfill.

Reinforced Retaining Wall Construction

Reinforced retaining wall base course cross section Foundation soils at the bottom of the base trench must be firm and solid. If the soils are made up of heavy clay or wet soils, or the areas have been previously excavated, remove entire material and replace with granular base, compacting in 8 in. 200 mm lifts or less.

Cast-In-Place Retaining Walls Concrete Construction

Cast-In-Place Retaining Walls. Install steel reinforcement bars per the construction dings using cover blocks and spacer chairs to position them. Typically the bars are 4, but consult the construction dings. The bottom layer of rebar usually is 3 inches above the ground, supported by rebar chairs or concrete bricks.

Types of Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall and Their Parts

Retaining wall can be constructed with masonry as well as reinforced concrete. In case of masonry retaining wall, the thickness of wall increases with height because masonry resists the lateral pressure by its weight. Thus it is also called gravity retaining wall.

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