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Icewind Dale II Item List for PC by DSimpson

Two thick steel buckles hold the belt together at the back of the wearer. Investigation reveals that this belt was made four hundred years ago for Factor Dom, a warden for the outer-planar Mercykillers faction. Known throughout the planes for their vicious definition and application of justice, the Mercykillers are strongest in planar cities like Sigil, the City of Doors. Dom was a warden of

Earth Defense Force 5 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 4 by

HIDDEN THREATS Enemies: Spiders, Alanya, Deroys There will be a thick fog during the mission, which will significantly obscure your vision. The spiders aren't a big threat, but the deroys and alanya are another story. The alanya can hit you from a block away, and the deroys can be right on top of you and you wouldn't know it. The only indication you get of their direction is when you get

Technology, Exotic Firearms, Avalon Projects

Models-2. Both are attached in series to the electrode system in the cannon's barrel. In order to maximize effectiveness, the capacitor is loaded with as high a voltage as possible.

Justin Timberlake

Lyrics to 'Sexy Back' by Justin Timberlake. I'm bringin' sexy back / Them other boys don't know how to act / I think it's special what's behind your back / So

Borderlands 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

You will encounter several hostiles, including a Badass Marauder, on the low deck just ahead near the Supplies sign. There is a well-placed Medical Vendor just before the deck. Purchase health if needed and sell your extra gear to make space in your backpack. There is a BLACK CHEST near the rail on the nearby platform. Move through the open-ended container and you are invited by Flynt to

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Book Guide for PC by Shadow

A sharp awl is necessary to restitch the thick material. Holes frequently have to be patched with spare material. The rule of thumb is once you have to patch a patch, it's time to throw out the armor and get a new set. Metallic armor will occasionally need a patch. Usually it can be repaired by hammering the torn pieces back together. Elven and Mithril will repair better when heated. Chainmail

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough for PC by

I use the 105mm gun and the 40mm gun, but never the 25mm canon - its zoom is so close that you can't see much of what you're doing. Press 1 and 2 to switch between them. Honestly, the 40mm is the best. You can take out several enemies at once and it doesn't take more than a second to reload. The 105mm takes 6 seconds to load. Only use it when you have a very large group of enemies together

Lantern Tournament R2: Hulkage vs. Jkutz

IntroductionDid you ever feel like certain characters would be simply perfect with a specific Lantern Ring? Did you ever feel that the character would

Anyone Tried de Buyer Prima Matera?

Read page 2 of the Anyone Tried de Buyer Prima Matera? discussion from the Chowhound Cookware food community. Join the discussion today.

NYC seaport fire doused without any injuries

Sections are made of old, thick timber and burn easily, he said. The Seaport's shops and restaurants are a popular spot on the river, especially during the summer months.

The Birth Of America

He was confined below deck, sentenced to death at the age of 27 once on shore. Secret seven. On a stop at Nevis in the West Indies, Smith's foes stood ready to hang him.

Icewind Dale Item List for PC by DSimpson

A thick mist continually hangs in the air of the Evermoors now, even more persistent and thick than the mist before the giants' arrival. Many believe that these new mists are the work of the cloud giants, but none can be certain. Alustriel of Silverymoon sent a detachment of guards to investigate the eastern borders of the moor, and the guards returned with news that a gathering of around 20

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