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Fallout 4 Walkthrough for PC by fantuhseegamer

Ding near prompts her to use you to trick the guard into letting her in. She'll then immediately get into an argument with Mayor McDonaugh inside the entry. When you join the conversation it will make no difference whether you say you support her or not. If your charisma is high enough to make the mayor give you more info, he will name

"Hobbit" farm had animal "death traps" that killed as many

The Associated Press spoke to four wranglers who said the farm near Wellington was unsuitable for horses because it was peppered with bluffs, sinkholes and broken-down fencing. They said they

Police bust multimillion-dollar weed "fortress" in

They found the once-abandoned warehouse had been outfitted with a 12-foot metal rolling fence, "fortified doors," a large concrete wall around the parking lot and surveillance cameras.

Police: 3 exotic animals still loose in Ohio

After an all-night hunt, at least 30 of the 48 escaped animals had been gunned down. As of mid-morning, officers were still hunting for a grizzly bear, mountain lion and monkey.

E.Coli Spinach Tied To Calif. Farm

The likely source of an E. coli outbreak in spinach that killed three people and sickened more than 200 was a small cattle ranch about 30 miles from California's central coastline, state and

Crysis Walkthrough

Use cloak to reach the metal fence near the speed-limit sign. Start killing the KPA in front of you, but keep an eye out for a patrol emerging from the jungle across the road. If KPA numbers are

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Walkthrough

If you want to do so, though, find an empty stash box near your stomping grounds and keep your supplies in that. They wont disappear so long as you keep them in a box. Even if you decide to

Refugees and tech: Scenes from a Greek tragedy

The situation has become even more fraught. This week, a fire burned down the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos, the Greek island where most refugees first set foot in Europe last year.

How big data is going to help feed nine billion people by 2050

Robert Jones, the owner of this large-scale farm operation who informed McGee about the technology, adjusts his overalls and sits back down, looking satisfied. This is a big day for the

Trump border wall: Texans receiving letters about their

Even before President Trump was inaugurated, U.S. citizens who own land along the border reportedly began receiving letters from the Justice Department informing them that the federal government

Settlement Questions Answered

All are connected via supply lines, and towns B and C are covered from the farm of Town A Also works for water. The way I do it, is every "farm" settlement I find that us set up well for food production becomes one of my farms.

Previewing 2019 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Top 20

One of my bust picks heading into 2018 has made a believer out of me, and he did it through pure growth, upping his power production in a way that's totally believable for a 25-year-old with a top

Illegal Aliens Rush U.S. Border

Near Sasabe, a town bordering the Arizona desert that's the busiest illegal border crossing area, an average 2,000 people arrive daily. On a recent day, at a break in a barbed-wire fence outside

U.S.-supplied equipment abandoned by Iraqi troops in

Tens of thousands flee Ramadi after Iraqi city falls to ISIS. This repeats a pattern in which defeated Iraq security forces have, over the past year, left behind U.S.-supplied military equipment

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