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Amalgam: Betatesthighlander1 vs DCcomicsrule

That' would be like saying if you can bench 40 pounds you can bench 400 that makes no sense what so ever. You know why he said it?Because obviously blaster bolts are on par in not greater in speed

Family Feud: 2012 Edition Question/Answer List for Wii by

1 - lamp 1 - light 2 - bench 2 - chair 2 - seat 2 - your chair 3 - window 4 - carpet 4 - cover 4 - doormat 4 - floor mat 4 - mat 4 - rug 4 - welcome mat 5 - boob tube 5 - on television 5 - television 5 - tube 5 - tv 6 - door 6 - entrance 6 - the door Name a reason why a wedding might be canceled. 1 - change mind 1 - cold feet 1 - dont want to 1 - feet 1 - not sure 1 - runaway bride 1 - second


Unique Gift Ideas

Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious Respect Thread By Silver2467 December 15, 2010 15 Comments To be completed. Sidious is a favorite Sith of mine, as well as villain in general, and I think he

Beatbooks1 and DcComicsRule2011 vs OceanMaster21 and MrTrevorGuy

BFR is allowed, but can only be used as a last resort. 24 hours prep for each team, and a boom tube with 6 teleports You can teleport 6 times Team

Rey Respect Thread

Rey kicks and clubs two thugs into submission: She pivoted, leapt, and somehow brought down the thug who had tried to pin her in place. The other ruffian dropped the sack he held and rushed her.

Every Single Star Wars Telekinesis Feat

I realize this may sound ridiculous, but I'm hoping this'll one day become an extensive reference point for Telekinesis feats in Star Wars, where all

WollfMyth209's profile

Spectre Respect Thread: Hal Jordan By WollfMyth209 January 8, 2017 17 Comments If only you could see -- what I see. What this thing I share consciousness with makes me see: the

Swapping out U joints could use some help

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Canon Luke Skywalker Respect Thread Updated 1/23/18

Threepio sat on a bench against the wall, his photoreceptors dark as he recharged, but Luke saw the red light of Artoo's processing indicator turn his way, followed by a curious beep.

Darth Sidious vs. Magneto

He pulled the pin from the locking collar of the bench press. John walked to the center section - supposedly one gee. He held the pin a meter off the deck and dropped it. It clattered on the deck

The Woodwright's Shop

A tool chest, ders and vises complete the workbench from Provence. French Work Bench, Part 1. Episode 5 10/27/07. 0.0. This workbench from Provence uses puzzling dovetails to join the legs to

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