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Drug Costs Hurt The Elderly

For America's senior citizens, rising drug costs may be the most potent issue on the campn trail, CBS News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts reports.

Don't let Uber surge pricing ruin your New Year's Eve

"Surge Pricing shouldn't be a surprise," Uber said in a New Year's Eve Ride Guide posted on its website. The company also notes: "We take notifying you of the current pricing seriously.

Sure Ways to Save on Auto, Home Insurance

With the average cost of home insurance running at $1,200 a year and auto insurance costing $800 per year, smart shoppers who ask for and get all the discounts can save over 30 percent, which can

Renovating seniors' homes may lead to longer independence

The four-month intervention costs about $4,000 per participant, including the home modifications and specialists' salaries. The average cost for nursing home care in the U.S. is $6,700 a month, so

College Costs Beyond Tuition

Get a toll-free number: You can get a toll-free number at home, which costs you as little as 3.9 cents a minute. Several different companies offer this, and it just may convince your student to

How To Winterize Your Home

The Setback Thermostat costs $80, while the Reiker Room Conditioner costs $499. Lipford estimates the yearly savings to be $175 to $225. Lipford estimates the yearly savings to be $175 to $225

Big Houses = Big Heating Bills

"Energy costs are becoming a larger part of expenses so people may change what they look for in a new home," said Thomas Kenney, director of engineering services at the National Association of

The Cost Of Growing Old

Senior citizens with no limitations ran up an average of $4,600 a year in health care costs, compared with $8,500 a year for people with moderate disabilities, $14,100 for those with more severe

Median home price sinks to 9-year low

The number of first-time home-buyers rose to 34 percent of the market, partly because of rising rents. A more healthy level of first-time home-buyers is about 40 percent, according to the trade group.

How GE got on track toward the smartest locomotives ever

Sci-Tech How GE got on track toward the smartest locomotives ever. These sensor-packed locomotives compute some 150,000 data points per minute. CNET Road Trip 2014 got a chance to see how they're

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