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Good cheap keyboard?

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Grandia FAQ/Walkthrough for Saturn by Dalez

The day after, Justin and Sue go back out on the deck to do their daily swabbing.. but the deck is already clean Feena has already cleaned the decks, and Justin and Sue talk with her for a while. However, before long the sky gets dark and the sea grows rough. Head for the bridge and Feena will tell Justin to hurry to his quarters. But Justin can't resist an adventure, so he decides to check

Razer products worth it?

Im looking to get a new mouse are the razer products as good as they make it out to be or are there products that perform just as well with a lighter price?

This Old House: The Salem House

Watch This Old House - Season 17, Episode 4 - The Salem House - 4: On a hot July day, the crew got the existing children's bath and future master bath. They discover a flooring system tha

Well, spilled water on my keyboard

Thought I avoided catastrophe, turned it over and put a towel under it. Turned it back over some time later, seemed to be working fine. Nope, a key is now registering as alt, a few seconds later, it started going haywire, typing random crap, bringing up the search box, full screening my browser was a K90 too.

Environmental impact concerns of consumer electronics

Besides, virus's can penetrate your body's natural defense system better when your mucous membranes are dry. Hence, you'll have few colds if you keep the RH up. Keep the RH from dropping below 40%

Holmes on Homes Episodes TV Guide

A leaky basement is fixed by installing a rubber membrane around the foundation. September 18, 2010. Roof Goof. September 18, 2010. A newly replaced flat roof leaks and holds pools of water, which

Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda Zelda Series

For Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda on the Game Boy Advance, Zelda Series Character Guide by Canadian Dude.

Is a mechanical keyboard worth it?

Last time I used a rubber dome keyboard it was painful to use, literally. Granted I have carpal tunnel in both hands so it probably wouldn't be literally painful going back for most people, but mechanical is clearly easier on the hands.

Opinions on the Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard

Hi all I'm considering getting a new keyboard and came across the Logitech G110 with it's back-lit keys and other function programmable keys it looks like a good choice. I figure there has to be

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