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should stakes be on outside or inside of bender board

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Spade-cut edging involves using an edging tool called a spade to dig a narrow trench around the outside of the bed you are setting apart. It is the least expensive type of edging available. short logs strung together in one piece with plastic backing that you can simply push into the ground and secure with stakes. Bender Board. Bender board

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I'm not aware of many people outside of California using redwood bender board. In other parts of the country metal and black plastic edging materials are sometimes used. The idea is it looks like wood, you can bend it like bender board, but you can stake it in, just like aluminum edging. Don't recall what it's called - I saw it on "The

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Be sure to drive the stakes in on the outside of the lawn area so that the board length faces to the lawn. Nail the boards to the stakes. you have to use pliable bender board at the curves. Drive the stakes in at the appropriate lengths just as you did with the regular boards. Soak the bender boards in water and gently bend them to conform

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In addition to one or more coils of bender board, you should also have enough wooden stakes to stake the board down every 4 or 5 feet, a measuring tape, spade, hand saw and knee pads.

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How to Install Bender Board By April Sanders. SAVE; Bender board is just what it sounds like -- a thin, flexible board that curves and bends. In the past, bender board was made of redwood, cedar, and other wood that does not rot easily. Insert stakes alongside the bender board about every 4 to 6 feet, and more often as needed along the curves.

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