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Half-Life 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Paraphrase

Go to the fence there and get your first look at a Vortigaunt that is still enslaved by the Combine. There's nothing you can do for him now, so give him a little wave and move on. After looking at the poor Vortigaunt, do a 180 and head past the baggage cart, and through the Turnstyle. Welcome to City 17. *Note of Interest: Try making a phone call with your USE key. You'll find that all

Diy Step By Step

diy step by step free download - Best Hairstyles step by step DIY, DIY Signs Step by Step, Best Hairstyles step by step DIY, and many more programs

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Walkthrough: This is the biggest section, with detailed, step by step instructions on how to beat the mission. Reader submitted strategies are shown with a little border. -----i. Mar Sara Missions----- MRSR -- These are the introductory missions of the game, just setting up the story and background for the rest of the game. -----a. Liberation Day----- -- LBRD -- Background: Raynor and a small

Pokemon Emerald Version FAQ/Walkthrough for Game Boy

Pokemon Emerald Version FAQ/Walkthrough Version 0.42 - January 10, 2006 by Matt Johnson - shika at mail dot com o-----o / Use the shortcut codes to quickly access parts of this document.

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror Walkthrough for PC by

Talk to Titipoco Lever , step on the elevator and talk to him to get up to the top. Grab the ammunition belt and go back down the elevator. Walk left towards the guards. Answer anything to get out of trouble and then grab the nearby torch. Get Titipoco to light it and then chuck it on the fuel spill. Throw the ammunitions belt into the fire. Interact with to the General. Free George. Inside

Back to the Future: The Game

Then, step on the pallet. The fourth sandbag falls onto the chandelier, above Tannen's head. The pallet with the pickle juice is raised up, while the pallet Marty is on goes down. There is a sandbag on the ground here. Use it on the pallet, to ensure that the pallet with the pickle juice stays up. Use the rope connected to the pallet, and Marty pulls it. The pickle juice rolls towards the side

Rogue Ops FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by boscobuddy

What I did here, is a step-by-step process of dealing with the game. Yes, I did compare what they wrote, with what I had written. And I did find a few ways of doing things that I had missed, like shooting the sparking electrical wire down to electrocute the guards standing on the metal steps, shooting the explosive barrel in front of the truck in the garage and also blowing the truck horn to

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough for

STEP BY STEP: Step 1: Come out of your main hideout and jack any vehicle. Now go to the "L" on your in-game Map and walk into the pink marker to trigger the mission. Step 2: Do the story missions in the following order. 3D.1 KEN ROSENBERG "L" symbol i THE PARTY 1. After triggering the mission you ought to go to the first destination-- Rafael's clothes shop. 2. After changing your outfit

Half-Life 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Kazarus

Being something that guides you through the game step by step, it is necessary that this walkthrough contain certain spoilers. I can't very well help you if I cannot tell you where it is you will be going and what will happen when you get there. While I must spoil some of your gameplay, I will try my very hardest not to include any STORY spoilers. For example, I do not think this guide

Pokemon LeafGreen Version

Step off the ledge below the TM and inspect the ground for a hidden Razz Berry. Its common in R/S so meh. After this is "The Point of No Return" as many people from the Red/Blue boards call it. Basically, once you jump over this ledge you are stuck in this area of Kanto until a little later in the game. Without much other choice you kinda need to jump that ledge. Do it and be done with it

Silent Hill 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by chesh

step-by-step riddle guide 6. fighting tactics 7. extra weapons 8. costume passwords 9. endings 10. easter eggs 11. thanks 12. legal claptrap ===== end of file FIGHTING TACTICS 7. EXTRA WEAPONS 8.

Evil Dead: Regeneration FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2

This guide will take you step by step through every level of the game. From villain info to collectable extras, its all here. Written in the spirit of the films so true Evil Dead fans can get some extra enjoyment out of it. Onward ===== 2. CONTROLS Left Analog Stick-Move Ash or Sam Right Analog Stick-Move the camera or change targets while holding R1 X-Jump Circle-Ashs right-hand weapon

Call of Duty: Black Ops II FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

Enter the entrance in the fence on the right of the road and look to the left of the main passage to find an inspect crate we can open for some Nightingales. Continue past the plane to the objective marker. Climb the stairs and as you exit onto the roof look to the left and take out all the enemies in the area. Follow Mason over to the far side of the roof and drop down the skylight once

brandyinindiana's Review of Tamagotchi Connection: Corner

The Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop series debuted on the DS back in 2006. Now in its third installment, appropriately named Corner Shop 3 allows players to venture back into TamaTown and take

Breakout FAQ for PlayStation by Crazyreyn

This is also applies with R1 and R2 but instead the pallet angles to the right . Here, you cannot move left or right, and 6 crates will appear 3 on the left and 3 on the right , so you have to angle the pallet to destroy them. Simply use all three levels of angling on both sides to get rid of all the crates. When you have got rid of four or more crates you can progress, or retry it if you

Pokemon Red Version FAQ/Walkthrough for Game Boy by

Your goal is to get both the gold teeth and the HM for Surf before you step 500 times. Along the way, you will encounter Pokemon in a different fasion from what you are used to. You cannot use Pokemon to catch them, and only have the weak safari balls to catch them with. Here are your options SAFARI BALL BAIT ROCK RUN Safari ball will attempt to catch them, and may lower there trust with you

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