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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory HD FAQ

Open the door to Deck 2 and close it behind you. You are in a long hallway with a ceiling light on at the far end. OCP the light and then open the door. You will hear a conversation between two guards. Go into Wall mode to the left of the door after you close it behind you. It's a nice dark spot and you shouldn't be detected. If you wait too long outside this door one of the guards on roving

CAV ILS vs Whirlwind VOTING

Maul advanced toward Qui-Gon and spun, deflecting blows from both Jedi as the fight shifted across the hanger deck. Rapidly spinning his lightsaber blade, he anticipated their moves with ease.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong FAQ

Using the Decking: 1 option here does nothing, so we are left with guessing the code. The clue here is the painting, "The Lady of Shalott, 1888". The year isn't it though, and the only way you'd know this is by knowing that painting or using Google. If you use Google, you'll find out that the painting is based on a poem of a famous poet: "Tennyson". Use that as the password and BAM, the door

The Curse of Monkey Island FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Iron

Use the Laminated Business Card from Stan on the back door to unlock it. Enter the room and pull the Murphy bed down. Beware that if you take one step from the bed it will retract back up against the wall. Guybrush needs to nail it down with the Coffin Nails and additionally with the single Nail from the portrait. The undead guy doesn't communicate with you so the only thing to be done here is

GM Aerodynamics Laboratory turns 30

Aerodynamics is the efficient management of airflow--measured as drag force--acting against a vehicle. The airflow around a vehicle affects vehicle acceleration, cornering, cooling, comfort

Age of Empires FAQ/Strategy Guide for PC by JChamberlin

A deck was added and a second group of oarsmen was placed there. This increased power without increasing length, but the deck made the ship somewhat instable. A ship with two levels of rowers was called a bireme. ===== =Fire Galley= ===== Age: Iron Prerequisites: Build the Town Center, Dock, and upgrade to War Galley. Cost: 115 Wood, 40 Gold Hit Points: 200 Attack: 24 Armor: 0 Range: 1 Speed

On the road: 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0

Brian Cooley takes the new Hyundai Genesis 5.0 out for a test drive and tells you why it's a high-tech pace-setter.

2019 Bentley Continental GT first drive review: Grander

With new laminated glass that reduces exterior noise by 9 decibels, the Continental GT is library quiet at all times. Enlarge Image This is grand touring at its finest.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 FAQ/Strategy Guide for PC by

L: ¯¯ Landscaping - adjusting land heights, patterns, theming planting trees etc. Loan interest - money you pay for the privilage of having a loan. Loans - money you have borrowed to spend on your park. M: ¯¯ Marketing - money you spend on advertising and promoting your park. Maximum Speed - this is the top speed a ride can go. Mechanics - staff members who are responsible for making

Icewind Dale II Item List for PC by DSimpson

STATISTICS: Resistance: 1/- Cold Resistance Charisma: 1 Weight: 2 lb. 00AMULBT Belib's Multiple Tool Belib the Wary was a very bright gnome, and self-proclaimed adventurer, who believed in covering every angle of his tiny arse before leaving on grand quests. He created magical items that literally saturated the gamut of possible situations that could arise from his high adventures. These

Dust Mites: Do you know who you're sleeping with

PLUSH CARPET with low pile carpet, machine washable area rugs or better yet hard flooring wood, tile, stone, laminate etc , CURTAINS with roll up or vertical blinds DECORATIVE FABRIC PILLOWS with smooth, vinyl, leather or washable decorative ones

2015 Volkswagen Golf R: No handicap here CNET On Cars

Volkswagen's latest Golf R, no handicap here. Figuring out why your car is dead in the morning, and the most fuel-efficient high-tech V8. It's time to check the tech.

Countertop material: granite vs. solid surface

Read page 13 of the Countertop material: granite vs. solid surface corian vs. engineered stone silestone discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Kitchen Remodel food community. Join the discussion today.

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