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Mario Kart: Double Dash Mario Series Character Guide for

His prophecy comes true when a huge wall of water knocks the heroes out of the sewer and into the cascades of the Midas River. Mario and company fight Belome again in Belome Temple, the complex located beneath the shifting sands of the Land's End desert. This time, he's even stronger and he'll eat party members and generate clones of them. As a point of interest, Belome thinks Mario tastes

Fighting climate change with asteroid dust

To combat global warming, scientists in Scotland now suggest an out-of-this-world solution -- a giant dust cloud in space, blasted off an asteroid, which would act like a sunshade for Earth.

Boise Hawks plan to fly 30-foot blimp that would block out

The team plans to fly a 30-foot blimp, filled with helium, that is to be tied to the ground with ropes that can be lowered as the sun sets. If it works as a solution -- and we have landed

CES 2019 Las Vegas

With the Q System One, the tech titan's grand promise of super-powerful computing takes a big step forward. By the end of January, new gaming laptops will offer a huge step up in graphics power New ProductsThe Coolest GadgetsMust-SeeWatch Yard Crashers Episodes on DIY Season 4 2010 TV

A rotted retaining wall becomes a seating area with a nearby water feature and a tile patio. Watch Now. Paid. Season 4, Episode 5 . May 6, 2010. Industrial Metal Bar. Season 4, Episode 5. May 6

6 sand castles you'd actually want to live in

Not all sand castles get washed away by the tide. "Rammed earth" is a construction method that uses composites of earth commonly sand-based , clay, gravel and cement to build walls. The process

Cars Of Future Roll Into Detroit

And the new flagship of the Lexus line when it arrives in October, the LS-430, will have features like rain-activated windshield wipers, seat coolers and a sunshades that covers up the rear window.


"Scott, it was a pleasure being up here, we appreciate your hospitality, we appreciate your putting up with us knocking your stuff off the walls and generally trashing your station, doubling the

A simple DIY smartphone mount

A simple DIY smartphone mount. September 9, 2014. Transcript MUSIC The turn by turn navigation in your smart phone has become an indispensable part of getting around by car, you probably already

Samsung Galaxy S8's Gigabit LTE is a wireless turbo boost

If you think the Galaxy S8 is fast now, give it a few months. The headline change in Samsung's flagship phone, introduced this week in New York, is the massive display the company was able to cram

The CNET Smart Home antes up for smart blinds

Smart Home The CNET Smart Home antes up for smart blinds. Navigating the peculiar market of smart shades as well as blinds, and deciding if they're worth the price.

Banner Design Studio

Banner Design Studio helps to create flash and static banners using pre-designed templates. Banner maker gives you the flexibility of creating a banner from 17

Wild ARMs 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by Syonyx

When the walls close, touch the blue panel on the wall and try again. On the other side, pull out the statue without arms in the air, drag it to the side and push it between the walls to hold them open. Take the W doorway from there to the treasure chest, then jump down and continue W. Liz jumps down somewhere again. Leave him there and continue past the Amazing Stone. Go down into the pit and

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