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Photos: Fitness gadgets of the future?

Expresso Chases Expresso Chases is an interactive training game that lets you score points as you chase dragons with your Expresso Recumbent exercise bike.

Iq Games

Brain Training IQ Games Free RGB Is a Fun Brain Training Exercise to help stimulate your brain, and elicit thought provoking exercises for your brain This game will keep your

'Power Of 10'

For decades, some have assumed cardio workouts help people lose weight and stay in shape. But recent studies have shown that the key to fitness and weight loss is resistance training with weights.

Dead Space Review

Dead Space Review First Released Oct 13 and innovative strategic dismemberment combat system, Dead Space is a best-in-its-class game that surpasses other entries in its venerable genre in

Mars500: Home sweet isolation chamber photos

The 38-year-old engineer, shipbuilder, and specialist in deep-water diving was the head of diving training for cosmonauts, including exercises in simulated weightlessness in preparation for

Kinesis Personal Gym: a home gym made for your home

It looks like a wall with a sleek looking pulley system protruding from it. Tucked behind the wall is the technology that enables you to take this pulley system from a piece of art to a fully

Exercise Boosts Both Health and Spirit

Many people have noticed that they're a lot more tired and feeling a bit down since the tragic events of September 11. One way to improve your spirits is exercise.

Can digital weights get you ripped? Tonal thinks so

Every fitness guru will tell you that strength training is a big part of staying in shape. But weight rooms can be intimidating when you're just starting out, which is why I'd rather take a toning

Meet Fitwall, where tech and elite fitness get off the

Already popular with professional athletes, this quirky vertical training modality is making its consumer debut in a sunny beach town where appearances are everything.

Ball Training Dr. Phil

Performing exercises on the ball places your body in an environment that is unstable. Integration of many physical conditioning systems are at work. Hence, the many Integration of many physical conditioning systems are at work.

Functional Training for iOS

Technogym Functional Training app is designed for customers who have purchased Technogym equipment. This app is the perfect tool to show the incredible

It looks like a mirror. But a personal trainer stares back

Other products are also emerging, like the $3,000 digital strength training system, Tonal. MIRROR sells for $1,495 with a $39 monthly membership that provides unlimited classes, which are all

Home Workout

Get in shape faster with 10 Full Body Exercises app. This app includes full body workout that will help you burn fat, get abs, train your arms and legs and

Exercises that began Monday involve fighter

The drills were to include live-fire exercises by naval ships and aircraft and anti-submarine training, but South Korea's military didn't release any photos or video. North Korea didn't

Health Technology: The Top Ten Hazards

David Hamilton is the assistant managing editor of CNET News. He has been writing and editing business and tech coverage for about two decades -- the majority of that at the Wall Street Journal in

China's most dangerous war planes

This KJ-2000, along with a number of other Chinese PLA Air Force planes, recently participated in the Red Sword 2016 systematic confrontation training exercise to boost troop combat abilities.

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