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Study: A Third Of Primate Species At Risk

A new report says almost a third of all apes, monkeys and other primates are in danger of extinction because of rampant habitat destruction, the commercial sale of their meat and the trade in

Female Bomber Strikes Shiite Worshippers

A female suicide bomber struck black-clad worshippers preparing for Shiite Islam's holiest day, killing at least nine Wednesday in an attack that highlighted insurgents' increasing use of

Modified Eucalyptus to Transform Forests

One of the two species used to breed ArborGen's hybrids, Eucalyptus grandis, had previously turned invasive in South Africa-raising concerns about this tree turning invasive in the south.

Wright Re-Enactment Goes Wrong

One-hundred years after the Wright brothers' first flight, an attempt to re-create the moment failed Wednesday when a replica craft couldn't get off the ground and sputtered into the mud.

Jennifer Hudson's Life After Losing 80 Pounds

PICTURES: Jennifer Hudson. Hudson lost an estimated 80 pounds after joining Weight Watchers. She told Castro, "Like, I was just watching TV last night, and I was like, 'Oh that's Jennifer Hudson.

Leaked South Africa intelligence cables show concern over

JOHANNESBURG --Once the small talk had subsided, the 2012 meeting between intelligence agents from Iran and South Africa in an Iranian guesthouse reportedly went downhill.

Monkey Schoolmarms Make Better Teachers

When vervet monkeys play follow the leader, they prefer to follow a female. That was the conclusion of Erica van de Waal, whose lengthy study of these primates in South Africa will be published

Tropical Storm Gordon makes landfall west of Alabama

The National Hurricane Center said Gordon's tight core was about 30 miles 30 kilometers southeast of Biloxi, Mississippi, or about 35 miles 55 kilometers south of Mobile, Alabama, where heavy

'Brown Cloud' Stifles South Asia

The "Asian Brown Cloud," a 2-mile-thick blanket of pollution over South Asia, may be causing the premature deaths of a half-million people in India each year, deadly flooding in some areas and

What do South Carolina voters want?

Ostensibly, social conservatives place a higher on religiously-oriented issues like abortion and gay marriage. But in South Carolina, unemployment is 9.9 percent.

Saving The Douglas Fir Tree

A deadly pest may lurk somewhere in east Asia, an insect or a fungus that could decimate the Pacific Northwest's vast forests of Douglas fir should it ever reach this region's shores.

Koreas Reconnected By Rail

While the rail crossing symbolized reconciliation for some, it was a reminder of loss for others. A dozen South Koreans whose relatives allegedly have been abducted by North Korea staged a protest

Trump's trade agenda hits stumbling blocks in "easy" fight

Tighter controls at a land border between Africa and the E.U. have pushed smugglers to be more inventive 3H ago Iranian TV anchor detained in U.S. as material witness

Sudan leader Omar al-Bashir leaves South Africa dodging

PRETORIA, South Africa-- President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan left South Africa and his plane is scheduled to land back home Monday night, Sudan's official news agency said, as the leader dodged a

Medieval Jewish Capital Claimed Found

Itil, about 800 miles south of Moscow, had a population of up to 60,000 and occupied 0.8 square miles of marshy plains southwest of the Russian Caspian Sea port of Astrakhan, Vasilyev said.

Hunting for land mines at the end of the world

UNITA was the rural right-wing peasant party backed by South Africa and the US. By the time fighting ended in 2002, half a million people had died, more than 4 million were displaced and

Countries Clash Over Kashmir

Officials said the two are likely to meet again in September in South Africa. Majeed Malik, the Pakistan Cabinet minister in charge of Kashmir policy, said Indian troops killed 37 Pakistani

Washington Wrap

An 11-Day Tour: On Thursday, John Kerry will kick off a multi-day tour focusing on national security with a speech in Seattle. Kerry aides say the speech will be "less about policy" and more about

South Africa Deports Zimbabwean Refugees

South Africa deported some 450 Zimbabweans overnight from a border detention center to a homeland beset by political violence and uncertainty, an international aid group said Saturday.

Oldest poison pushes back ancient civilization 20,000

A new analysis of artifacts from a cave in South Africa reveals that the residents were carving bone tools, using pigments, making beads and even using poison 44,000 years ago.

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