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how to make composite deck plugs

Coaxial to rca cable NOT rca to coaxial

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How to hook up Wii to HDTV?

It doesn't look like anyone answered TC's question sufficiently, so, if you want to plug composite into a television that only has component, here's how you do it. The composite input consists of five ports: there are two for audio, red and white, and there are three for video, red, blue, and green.

Component cables aren't working for my ps2 and HDTV

Plug the red, green, and blue video cables into a component input on your tv. Make sure you are not mixing up the red video cable with the red audio cable. The Sony component cables have a tag on

RCA Cables to be used for Component Video Cables

RCA Cables to be used for Component Video Cables TVs and Home Theaters forum . About This Forum. CNET's Forum on home audio, video and TVs is the best source for finding help, troubleshooting, or

Subwoofer wire dilema

I'm relatively new to the home audio arena. I have an older about 4 or 5 years Panasonic receiver and a set of 5.1 JBL speakers. Each of the two components were purchased seperately from friends.

how to hookup rca to hdmi

If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

Who needs expensive audio cables?

There you can order custom cut lengths of pairs of speaker cables, for example, Blue Jean Cable sells pairs of 10 foot "Belden 5000UE 12 AWG Speaker Cable" with banana plugs for $32.25. Of course

N64 Composite Connection Mystery?

Plug the yellow video connector from the n64 AV cable into the green port of the RGB switch. Then plug in the red and white audio cable into the audio of the RGB switch. This is the most complicated step next. When you select input on your TV be sure to select AV vs. Component. The only difference between component video and standard video is that component splits the video into three channels

Can I convert composite video into component video?

Conversely, if you plug your composite source into the green input on your capture card you should be able to capture your video in black and white for the same reason color TV in the US was a backwards compatible hack on the B and W design . There is probably a setting in your capture software that will tell the card whether to treat the video source as component or composite, and the green input

Can composite be connected to component LED input?

I just got my TV to recognize an AV composite input, and when I turned on my N64, it worked. Sadly, what I did does not make much sense to me, but here it is, just in case it will help anyone else.

difference between aux input and rca intput?

Without knowing what make/model vehicle you have and what audio options are installed, it's difficult to tell. From a sound quality perspective, there isn't much of an audible difference at all.

HP Multimedia Users how do these front inputs work

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Component vs composite

PS2 comes with the 3 plug cable aka composite, RCA, AV , component gives a much clearer picture and you need one for progressive scan output, PS3 component cable works with the PS2, it'll be much easier to find that these days

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