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YukoAsho's Review of Killzone: Shadow Fall

The story of one side keeping everything for itself and leaving the other to rot is effectively conveyed through the incredible visuals without the lazy wholesale vilification of the more

Dead Space FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by Deuce ex

If I can find the Captain's RIG on the Medical Deck, maybe Hammond can figure out just what the hell happened. There's a crate directly to your left, so smash it before you head for the shuttle. Fight your way in and activate the console in the cockpit, then bail. Fight off the enemies on the catwalk and collect the items they drop, then head back into the Flight Lounge. ----- Flight Lounge

Canon XL review: Canon XL

Many people have found this to be an ergonomically awkward design: too large to comfortably support in the hands and, thanks to its enormous zoom, too front-heavy to easily balance on the shoulder.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance FAQ/Walkthrough for

Strike this uvula, and grab the chest on the pedestal near you for a Drop-Me-Not 14/22 . Step outside, and look for a chest on some wood to the right. Step outside, and look for a chest on some wood to the right.

Dishonored 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox One by Krystal109

If you've found yourself using my guide and wish to support my current and future walkthroughs, please consider sending a one-time donation to help me continue to provide comprehensive guides for users like you.

U.S. Sends Conflicting Messages on Egypt

WASHINGTON - The White House is working aggressively to erase conflicting messages on Egypt that have frustrated even President Barack Obama. After comments by some State Department officials were

White House Scrambles To Regain Message On Egypt

The genesis of the breakdown in unified messaging on Egypt appears to go back to a Saturday, Jan. 29 Tweet from State Department spokesman P.J Crowley that was intended as a response to Mubarak's

MrMooseheads Music Profile Last.fm

Listen to music from MrMooseheads library 143,645 tracks played . MrMooseheads top artists: Frank Turner, Fields of the Nephilim, Portishead. Get your own music profile at Last.fm, the worlds largest social music platform.

Face the Nation transcript October 9, 2016: Giuliani, Mook

This is the October 9, 2016 edition of Face the Nation. Guests included Rudy Giuliani, Robby Mook, Anthony Salvanto, Norah O'Donnell, Bob Schieffer, Nancy Cordes, Major Garrett, Susan Page

"I went as high as I could": Statue of Liberty climber

A National Park service spokesman told CBS New York's Reena Roy Thursday that Okoumou used a ledge above a doorway on the public observation deck to hoist herself onto base of the monument.

Kenmore Elite 31633 review: Kenmore's massive washer

But the 31633 isn't app-enabled, it doesn't have a built-in sink or support a second, smaller washer in a storage pedestal below. Still, it's an excellent appliance. Still, it's an excellent

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