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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Game Script for Xbox 360 by

Deep in South Africa, 200km north of Garzburg, Outer Heaven- an armed fortress nation, established by the legendary mercenary. He was feared in combat by both his friends and foes as a hero and a lunatic. The "Western" nations have found that a weapon of mas destruction capable of rewritting war history is under development at Outer Heaven. They have called upon the high-tech special forces

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Nastasha Romanenko's Book

For Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance on the PlayStation 2, Nastasha Romanenko's Book FAQ by Imperator.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Previous Story Transcript

For Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the PlayStation Vita, Previous Story Transcript by RMcGregor.

Ace Combat 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by ROliveira

The solution is to use composite materials or find another way - LERX, for example. By no means high speed maneuvers are vital in dogfights: the G-forces depend heavily on the speed, so most dogfights occur in of 900- kph, 750 kph is default. The 1st A/C with all the improvements above is the Russian S-37. Q.17: What is BVR combat? Which weapons are used in them? A.17: BVR combats mean that

Metal Gear Acid 2 Card Upgrade Guide for PSP by jasonhex

CARD BOSS UPGRADE GUIDE v1.0 by Jason Kawakami jasonhex TABLE OF CONTENTS MGA2INTRO = An introduction MGA2HOW = How to use this guide MGA2CHECK = A simple card checklist MGA2CARD = The full list of cards and descriptions MGA2FACTS = A list of interesting facts about some of the cards MGA2SNAKE = List of cards for SNAKE ONLY


The small gash reveals so-called filler bar material, a strip of heat-resistant material that underlies the boundary between adjacent tiles. That was good news, Shannon said, because no bare

Marvel Comics August 2016 Covers and Solicitations

Plus: Punisher honors his family, gets a pimped-out new Battle Van and hunts Africas answer to the Loch Ness Monster Collecting PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL 1988 1-19 and material from PUNISHER

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

Get back to the south area and ride the inner belt to the west, and then the outer belt south, to get to the southwest hallway. Open the chest in the middle of this hallway to get a Riot Potion and an Anti-Paralysis Amulet . After you have everything, take the conveyor belts to the south exit so we can finally get out of this place almost. After the conversation, use the save point and

System Shock 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Bahamut Zero

Head all the way south and you will receive an E-Mail from Polito telling you the code to Utility Storage 4. Find utility storage 4 and use the passcode to get in. You can find a Hazard Suit there. Now go all the way west until you reach the xerxes screen. From now, be extremely careful with the robots. Shoot them from a distance with Armor Piercing bullets. Find the Security Access Card and

Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra Database FAQ

Abel is the material real form of the higher-dimensional existence U-DO which exists without the concept of an individual, and is defined exclusively in the subjective terms by the observer , whose discarnate imaginary form is the Ark. He acts in the capacity of the control device for Omega, which uses the Zohar as its principal energy source. Yuriev used Abel, to wield the power of Omega

Empire Earth Units FAQ for PC by DWeir

Units FAQ by DWeir. Updated: 07/16/02 and it carries torpedoes and depth charges. It can operate from land or the deck of a support ship, ready to search out and destroy enemy submarines. Some production models were outfitted for mine-countermeasures, logistical operations, search and rescue missions, or even the emergency evacuation and transportation of VIPs in Washington, including the

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