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At Defcon, women in cybersecurity push for cultural

Tiara hacking was a spin on the traditional badge-hacking events that go on at Defcon, where attendees try to create the most creative badges to wear-- many that have flashing lights and screens

Hollywood Horror Story: Was producer Blake Leibel's

Olga Kasian via translator : and I went across the street from that building to look at the patio. Olga says she looked up at their third floor apartment and saw a man standing in the window.

Dishonored 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 4 by

After passing through the first Wall of Light, enter the pub on the right and head to the second floor to find this. Rune 1 2 On the top of the pub's rooftop, look for an open balcony door and Blink/Far Reach to the abandoned building.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough

Intel 1/2 Look for this intel on the second floor of the school, in the classroom just before you exit outside. With the area clear, exit out the left side of the hall and follow your squad down

The Mystery of the Flashing Lights at the White House

The flashing red lights were spotted in President Trump's second floor residence shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday night, causing concern. It also caused social media to go into a tailspin.

iPhone X goes on sale, bringing out the true Apple

This second launch, which comes more than a month after the release of the iPhone 8, is the latest wrinkle in the annual gathering of Apple fanboys, gadget enthusiasts and publicity seekers. Apple

DLP Twon't turn on, blinking green lamp light then shuts

50" DLP TV. When I turn on the TV I hear the chime as if the TV is going to turn on. I get the flashing green "Lamp" indicator on the power button on the TV whi

Short fiction from CNET: Time in a Bottle, Part 1

A second bottle was decanted so all the men could swallow their CIO's superior taste, except Druby, who'd ruined his palate with that Sidecar. I'll take Druby's glass, Helen said, and made for the

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