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Painkiller: Battle out of Hell FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

When you get past the second log the slats under you will collapse, so try not to fall through. Jump past the spiky balls to the plank, then around to the flame corridor. All the flames are easy to pass by just hugging the opposite walls, except the two at the end, which can be bypassed by just running between them when they briefly stop. Pick up the armour if you need it, then jump through

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Get down to the first floor to find an open bank vault. The scroll is inside the left safe. - The Daltons: The third part of the story will have you chasing after the Daltons. Get to the red house and clear out the first floor. There'll be a hat in a tin wash bin. Level 9 3 ===== - Black Bart: Head into the flooded town. There's a single cabin off the left side. The hat is on a table inside

Chibi-Robo FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by CyricZ

Now, climb up the string on the door, then copter over to the sign, and up to the slats. Mom will talk to you for a bit. Take note of how she closes the slats. One important item to get is the Squirter. Go to Jenny's Room and climb onto the table in the center of the room. It's sitting right in front of her TV. At this point, there are a ton of sidequests to do, or at least begin. You can

hardwood floor in kitchen

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Dollhouse Ideas for Android

You can make a roof from two wooden slats, or leave the house open. Buy colorful paper or get old wallpaper remnants and decorate the walls of the dollhouse with it. The more colorful, the better

The Simpsons Game FAQ/Walkthrough for PSP by awutow15

Repair the nearby building with the graffiti at the top. Face the orange building to the right of this building. Walk towards the orange on the left side. Once you hit the wall, look to the right to find Marge's first Try-N-Save coupon. Go back to the building you just repaired, and destroy the car on the left side of the building, and take two more dogs from the nearby doghouse. Across the

Enter the Matrix Walkthrough

The floor will give way, dropping you into a seeming dead end. Climb the wooden slats on the wall to the next level, where you'll be attacked by a vampire. Kill him, then continue climbing up into

Most Effective Home Improvements for Home Sellers

Hatred of wall-to-wall carpet may be a very Manhattan-specific thing; here, the fashion is for exposed hardwood floors dotted with scatter rugs.

MOVE Bombing Still Leaves Philadelphia Scarred

Her West Philadelphia neighborhood - now nearly vacant and eerily quiet - never recovered from the city's horrific botched attempt to arrest the MOVE members on May 13, 1985.

How To Keeps Kids Safe On Vacation

The slats of the crib should be close enough together so you can't fit a soda can through. Corner posts should not be over 1/16 inch high. Avoid headboards and footboards with cutouts large

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