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Samsung LN-T71F review: Samsung LN-T71F

The Good Solid black-level performance for The Samsung LN-T4671F includes two rear-panel HDMI inputs in addition to the standard PC and component inputs. Like many 2007 HDTVs, the Samsung LN

LG PC5D review: LG PC5D

The back panel jack pack continues with a pair of component-video inputs, a VGA-style PC input 1,366x768 maximum resolution , one standard AV input with a choice of composite or S-Video, a single

Pioneer PDP-435HD review: Pioneer PDP-435HD

AV4 covers the front-panel input, which, to our pleasant surprise, offers a choice of component, S-Video, or composite video. Also out front is a VGA-style analog RBG input with a minijack audio

Electric Fence Object

Another example of a dangerous fence is in Metal Gear Solid 3 where snake could destroy the control panel for a fence in case he happened to touch it while cling under. Font-size Paragraph

Samsung LNA950 review: Samsung LNA950

The side also offers an additional AV input with S-Video and composite video, a headphone jack, and the USB port. The side panel sports a fourth HDMI input, a USB jack, and a handy headphone

JVC LT-FH/N97 review: JVC LT-FH/N97

There are also no front- or side-panel inputs for quick connections. The JVC HD-40FN97 exhibited acceptable picture quality for a high-end LCD, although it wasn't in the upper echelon of the breed.

Toshiba RF350U review: Toshiba RF350U

As the number of flat-panel HDTVs climbs, and the choices become ever more overwhelming, manufacturers look for more ways to differentiate their models.

Sony KDL-W4100 review: Sony KDL-W4100

In sum, the Sony exhibited solid black levels and very good dejudder video processing, but we couldn't get over its fluctuating backlight and found its screen uniformity underwhelming.

Insignia NS-PDP42 review: Insignia NS-PDP4

2Stripped of the stand, the panel measures 44.4 by 27.4 by 4.1 inches and weighs 55.8 pounds. This isn't the most compact 42-inch plasma we've seen, so it might be a hassle to fit into tight spaces.

Samsung LNB360 review: Samsung LNB360

The back panel includes an average selection of jacks, however, namely two HDMI, one component-video, one VGA-style PC 1,360x768-pixel maximum resolution , one AV input with only composite video

Vizio VP322 review: Vizio VP3

22The VP322 sports a glossy black finish on most of the panel's frame, augmented by a flat black finish on the lower speaker grilles and on the sides and top of the outside bezel.

Vizio VO47LF review: Vizio VO47LF

The remote control for the VO47LF is quite good, with backlighting behind just about every key, plenty of room between buttons, and a sensible layout that should be easy to learn for most users.

Samsung LNA450 review: Samsung LNA450

That recessed bay also offers an additional AV input with S-Video and composite video, a headphone jack, and the USB port. The easy-access side panel offers a third HDMI port, and AV input and a

LG30 LCD review: LG30 LCD

The back panel sprouts a pair of HDMI inputs, a PC input, two component-video inputs, one AV input with composite and S-Video, an analog audio output, and an optical digital audio output. The side

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