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Apple's first employee: The remarkable odyssey of Bill

Perhaps best known as the guy who introduced Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Bill Fernandez speaks out on Apple's founding magic, how love built the first Mac, and the interface of the future.

Age of Empires III Game

Main page: Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs The first official expansion pack was released October 4, 2006, and introduces the perspective of the Native Americans . The Iroquois, the Aztec, and the Sioux are all playable in new campns designed to shake up many of the strategies that were common with the European civilizations.

An Emotional Reunion

Makenzi, a therapy dog, is a frequent visitor at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center in Casa Grande, Ariz. Dogs increasingly are being trained to provide comfort and companionship to people with

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At the California Science Center in Los Angeles, young and old alike are coming to marvel at the very, very old: the treasures of King Tutankhamun, more than 3,000 years old, and still gleaming

Ep. 946: OpenMoko is NoMo

Rafe and Molly take over the show today, due to travels by Tom and Natali, and not surprisingly, geek out and argue a lot about things like FM radio transmitters. In the actual news, it's cell

Lawsuit claims high levels of arsenic found in some

A worker stacks cases of Charles Shaw wine at the Bronco Wine Company facility in Napa, California, Tuesday, April 17, 2007.

Jim Nabors

Jim Nabors June 12, 1930-November 30, 2017 was an authentic, shy Southern boy from small-town Alabama who suffered from asthma. As he grew he honed his operatic baritone well enough to impress

HTML5: Using structural elements for header, footer, and

The HTML5 specification has defined a set of sectional and structural elements that improves semantic markup within HTML coding for web developers.

Chrome security in limelight with Google OS plan

The techniques Google uses to protect Chrome users from browser-based attacks have taken on new importance with the company's plan to make the software the centerpiece of a Netbook operating

23 tie . Ohio

For every 1,000 residents in Alaska, there are 15.2 guns. That's a total of 11,167 registered firearms among 735,132 people. That's a total of 11,167 registered firearms among 735,132 people.

Pete Shelley

Allen was Microsoft's executive vice president of research and new product development until 1983, when he resigned after being diagnosed with cancer and he pursued a wide range of interests

CitizensAgainst GovernmentWaste

Alaska led the nation with $556 per capita $380 million . The runners up were Hawaiiwith $221 per capita $283 million and North Dakotawith $208 per capita $133 million . Theone glimmer of hope is

6 unbelievable underground homes

Research shows new mothers with opioid use disorder are at a higher of overdose due to lack of resources, shame and stigma 11H ago Dad travels to Canada for son's medicine that would cost $53K in U.S.

Suicide rates increase dramatically among middle-aged

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's CDC analysis of U.S. suicide rates found sharp increases among certain population groups, including middle-aged adults.

How power works in a data center: What you need to know

If your data center runs in the Northeast, California, Hawaii, or Alaska, you might be paying a significant amount of money for electricity, so it's critical to get your PUE as low as possible.

Arizona wildfire now largest in state history

The biggest was a 2004 blaze in Alaska that burned more than 2,000 square miles. The largest in the continental U.S. were a 2006 Texas blaze that consumed 1,417 square miles, followed by a 2007

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