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Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit review: Xbox 360 HDMI

The adapter itself is a small plastic wedge about the size of an Altoids tin. Setup is simple enough: just plug the adapter into your Xbox 360 AV port and connect the included HDMI cable to your

Why your iPhone and Android phone will cost more in 2019

These phones will have bendable plastic or glass screens and will open into a tablet, but fold into a device around the same height and width as today's phones though much thicker .

LG OLEDC8P review: LG's OLED takes commanding first-half

That bulge houses the inputs, power supply, speakers and other depth-eating TV components. It's plastic, but the backside above it is sheathed in silvery metal. It's plastic, but the backside

Samsung SyncMaster P2770HD review: Samsung

The P2770HD's connection options include one HDMI port, a VGA port, a DVI port, a component port, a composite port, and a coaxial connection for an antenna or cable. Also, there's a port for

Graphene is the world's strongest material, even with

Large pieces of this strong material could be used for a variety of things in the future, including flexible electronics and strengthening components to create composites to replace carbon fiber.

Cowon A3 review: Cowon A3

Below the A3's headphone jack is tethered plastic door that conceals a 3.5mm composite AV output, a 3.5mm composite AV input, a proprietary jack made for connecting an included S-Video and

Mitsubishi LT-148 review: Mitsubishi LT-148

There are also two component-video inputs, an AV input with S-Video and composite video, two RF-style inputs for antenna and cable, a coaxial digital audio output, and a stereo analog audio out

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