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Newt Gingrich taps into the power of resentment

Video showing a group of teenagers and a Native American man on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial went viral 8H ago New migrant caravan waiting in Mexico hopes to reach U.S.

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A caravan of Central American migrants, now about 5,000 strong, is on the move again after being blocked at Mexico's southern border. Adriana Diaz reports. Adriana Diaz reports. On Oct 21, 2018 6

Incoming GOP Rep. Allen West: News Outlets Publishing

During an online radio interview last week, newly-elected Florida Republican Allen West called for the censorship of media outlets publishing information obtained by WikiLeaks.

A country in need of Prozac

A new caravan of around 2,000 Central American migrants is making its way toward the U.S. The line to enter Mexico is so long, it stretches all the way to Guatemala on a border bridge. Adriana

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Once you reach the town he will camp out with you and your friends in the Caravan and even be in some photos and the level up screen. Upon waking up you will note you have acquired the whistle. see items section . Finally, we will set out one more ride to the disc.

McCain Calls Lobbyists 'birds Of Prey'

Video showing a group of teenagers and a Native American man on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial went viral updated 18M ago New migrant caravan waiting in Mexico hopes to reach U.S.

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If you've been looking for a solid title with replay value that keeps you coming back, Deadlock is definitely worth a look. Hard West is a PC game that features the turn-based combat of XCOM with

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Look up to spot a handrail you can grab hold of make sure you're facing toward the ocean, otherwise Riddick won't grab hold . Follow the handrail to a suspended walkway you can drop to, and

Nuke Protester Killed By Train

A French anti-nuclear protester was killed Sunday in eastern France when his leg was severed by a train carrying radioactive waste to Germany, a police official said.


There's a new captivating story to be found every step of the way. As you follow each new narrative thread you're called upon to make choices and meet certain requirements. You might find a dying

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The past year was a great one for television. Whether it was on a major network, cable, or through a streaming service, there was something for everyone.

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To help streamline the guide and make your life easier, I've included a list of steps at the beginning of each section, so you can see in what order I am about to do things. Each different Sequence of Events is separated by a large heading, while each step is divided by a thick line if we travel to a different area or a thin line if we don't. Continuity INT003 o=====o One of the things

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Step into the shoes of Rommel or Patton in this second installment of the Combat Command 2 series with enhanced night attack capability and enhanced armor strength in 17 scenarios, including Sidi Rezegh, Kasserine Pass, El Guettar, and Oran.

Joe Stack: How to Really Tick Off the IRS

Finally, Stack rails about independent contractor rules. Experts said the only way this rant could make sense is if Stack started a company that employed other people, who he maintained were

Trump in West Virginia rails against illegal immigration

Top Virginia Democrats call on Lt. Gov. Fairfax to step down A second woman accused him of sexual assault -- a college classmate of the Virginia lieutenant governor accused him of raping her when

Turning Up The Heat On Barack Obama

A new caravan of some 1,800 Central Americans started crossing into Mexico from Guatemala late last week 1H ago Taliban kills Afghan forces as it resumes truce talks with U.S.

Off The Rails

OFF THE RAILS .Hendrik Hertzberg, comparing YearlyKos to similar convocations of his youth, remarks on just how normal everyone looks: No one naked around here. No chaos at YearlyKos. No "sweet

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