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cost of man made wood porch floors

Slain Missouri girl "in heaven, with angel wings"

James Dishman, whose son attended high school with Wood in the nearby town of Marshfield, told the Springfield News-Leader that Wood was an animal lover and "gentle type of man."

11 home-remodeling mistakes to avoid

A good remodel should do more than increase the value of your home-- it should increase the value of your life. But with the average new deck or bathroom remodel costing well over $10,000

CBS Sunday Morning

"Sunday Morning" takes you to a refuge for migratory birds and breeding ground for other wildlife in Georgia, with footage by videographer Charles Schultz Watch more extended videos of our Moment

Who killed Christa Worthington?

Who killed Christa Worthington? "48 Hours" has covered the murder of A-list fashion writer Christa Worthington, murdered on Cape Cod, for nearly 16 years; now the man convicted of killing her may

V.A. Musetto's Profile

Lou Diamond Phillips is let down by an uninspired supporting cast, including Bruce Weitz as a crippled con artist and Tracy Middendorf as the requisite femme fatale, a clichéd script, and flat direction by Stephen Purvis

The best mobile games of 201

2The Room. Every year, as the technology advances and attracts more developers, mobile games become even better. Here are some of the best mobile games released in 2012.

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Luke Burbank checks out the chefs who man the grill, and the customers who come at all hours, to sample the Waffle House's menu that Atlanta Magazine food critic Mara Shaloup calls "meats and

Nokia 3310 phone is back. And yes, it comes with Snake

"The frenzy of nostalgia around the updated 3310 will deliver some much-needed consumer awareness that Nokia-branded devices are back on the shelves," said Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight.

Fla. man accused of killing wife, posting photo

The complex is made up of yellow-peach colored townhouses with faded wood roofs. Several cars filled the near-empty parking area in front of the townhouses as police questioned neighbors and

Poverty in America: Faces behind the figures

The numbers are daunting but they also can seem abstract and numbing without names and faces. Associated Press reporters around the country went looking for the people behind the numbers.

Homes: What you can buy for $80,000

It has 820 square feet of space, a utility room, one-car garage, porch, gas heating, new laminate wood flooring, some built-in shelving, an eat-in kitchen, recessed lighting and a fenced backyard

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Walkthrough

Walk-through. Castle Entrance Floor 1. Welcome to the main hub area of Castlevania. You will essentially be doing the majority of your saving and traveling from level to level from here.

Persona 5 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 4 by Bkstunt 31

Down the first right turn is an Old Man you can talk to, and note the bath house, vending machine, coffee shop and dryers. There's a way back to the station down this path. Down the main path is the most stuff. A second-hand store, another vending machine, batting cages, a shop, a movie theater, and a medical clinic. There's a police officer you can talk to as well. Head further onward and

AI may one day take charge of cybersecurity

Man and machine At its most basic, machine learning for security involves feeding massive amounts of data to the AI program, which the software then analyzes to spot patterns and recognize what is

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