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Sheet piling have been used in a wide variety of applications, especially marine bulkheads and retaining walls where space is limited. In addition to these, a special type of retaining wall is the cellular cofferdam, which are used extensively for both temporary and permanent structures. Sheet piling are made in a number of materials.

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Sheet pile retaining walls are usually used in soft soil and tight spaces. Sheet pile walls are made out of steel, vinyl or wood planks which are driven into the ground. For a quick estimate the material is usually driven 1/3 above ground, 2/3 below ground, but this may be altered depending on the environment.

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Basic Types of Sheet Pile Walls and Their Application in the Construction Industry—a Review This review also explaines a new type of steel sheet piles wall with improved workability and

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Types of Retaining Walls-Gravity walls - Pre-cast crib walls - Gabion walls - Reinforced concrete walls - Sheet pile walls - MS walls (mechanically stabilized) - Slurry and Secant Walls - Soil nailing L. Prieto-Portar 2008

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Gravity Walls 2. Semi-Gravity Retaining Walls 3. Cantilever Retaining Walls 4. Counterfort Retaining Walls 5. Buttressed Retaining Walls 6. Sheet Piles 7. Miscellaneous Types of Retaining Structures. Type # 1. Gravity Walls: Gravity walls derive their lateral stability by their mass. Gravity retaining walls are […]

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