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Will drought stifle California's love affair with pools

According to the California Pool and Spa Association CPSA , the state has more than 1.2 million private pools and about 300,000 commercial swimming pools belonging to local municipalities, hotels

2 Katrina Dolphins Saved; 6 To Go

Before Katrina hit, some of the younger dolphins from the aquarium were moved to hotel swimming pools to ride out the storm, and have since been moved to aquariums in Florida. First published on

Panama City spring break violence comes after years of

The raucous parties in the spring break capital of Panama City Beach have had politicians, police and businesses tussling for years over how much to crack down on a key economic force.

Hotel deaths highlight often undetected killer

In the absence of obvious evidence, some Internet commenters blamed "the spooky side of things" and raised the specter of a "haunted" hotel in the immediate aftermath of the third death.

CSI: Miami

An inmate at a massive Miami prison complex is stabbed to death in the prison yard. Shortly after Horatio arrives on the scene, a helicopter appears above the correctional facility.

Nasty germs may be lurking in your hotel swimming pool

Use a test strip from your local retailer or pool supply store to check if the water's pH and bromine or free chlorine level are correct before getting in the water. First published on May 17

Great deals on last-minute winter getaways

Most of the 27 suites face the water, and shaded daybeds, swimming pools, and mangrove trees dot the grounds. Guests get complimentary use of surfboards, boogie boards, and bicycles for cavorting

Katrina Dolphins Reunited

Some of the younger dolphins had been moved inland to hotel swimming pools ahead of the storm. Eight others were pulled out to sea during the storm when their Oceanarium tank was destroyed

Inside the Beverly Hills Hotel

In the words of Honorary Mayor Will Rogers, "We have more swimming pools and less Bibles in Beverly Hills than any town in the world." Through it all, the Beverly Hills Hotel remained the place to

Deadly Drains in Public Pools

The National Swimming Pool Foundation estimates that half of all 300,000 public pools, in places such as parks, hotels, schools and camps, have failed to install new anti-entrapment devices aimed

7 ways to shave vacation costs without scrimping

And even though hotels say these charges pay for "extras" like swimming pool and gym access, you can't get the fee waived even if you have no intention of using those services. So, again, look

"Murky" water hid dead body in pool for 2 days

The Bristol County district attorney's office said the body of Marie Joseph was submerged at the bottom of the 12-foot-deep end of the pool from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday evening.

There could be nasty germs in your hotel swimming pool

A new report from the CDC finds a third of the waterborne disease outbreaks over a 14-year period occurred at hotel swimming pools.

Hitler's Alpine Home Now A Hotel

When launching the project in 2001, officials said the hotel would include 138 rooms complete with swimming pools, a health spa and nearby ski areas and would reconnect the site with a

Monster Storm Slams Mexico

Waves thundered over the coastal boulevard of the tourist city of Puerto Vallarta, 60 miles to the southwest, and swept into hotel swimming pools.

6-Year-Old Twins Rescue Drowning Toddler From Hotel Pool

A toddler may have drowned in a Florida hotel pool if it werent for a pair of valiant 6-year-old twins, who rescued her in the nick of time. Peyton and Bryant Switzer, 6, were swimming at the

A Look At Fancy Swimming Pools

There are more than 8 million pools in this country: a testament to the good life. They are places to play, to unwind, to soak up the sun and to see and be seen. And in the right hands, they can

Fire on Las Vegas Strip sends heavy smoke into sky

LAS VEGAS --A two-alarm fire at a hotel swimming pool that sent large plumes of black smoke high above the Las Vegas Strip appears to be under control, CBS affiliate KLAS reported. Clark County

Dolphins Weather Storm In Pool

Three dolphins from a Gulfport, Miss. aquarium rode out Hurricane Katrina in a local hotel swimming pool. The dolphins Katelin, Cayenne and Jonah usually live in a shallow water tank at

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